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Lifestyle Medicine

What are the six pillars of
Lifestyle Medicine?

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The word diet refers to foods consumed, also known as nutrition. A healthy, enjoyable, satisfying combination of ingredients which nourish the body.


All movement equates to exercise. It does not relate to gym workouts or strenuous exercise, every step counts towards your physical activity goals.


As humans, we need sleep. The amount of sleep we personally require can vary between typically, 7 - 9 hours. Poor sleep can have detrimental effects on our health.

Psychologist Session
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Mental Health

Our mental health is a staple to our overall wellbeing. If you are struggling with low mood, anxiety or any other mental health concern, let us explore the cause and develop coping strategies. 


All relationships impact our personalities. Explore your inner circle and determine who is good for your health, and who may be unhelpful. Negativity is toxic and contagious, surround yourself with love and positivity.

Harmful Substances

We're not just talking cigarettes, alcohol, drugs etc. Lifestyle Medicine explores all activities and substances which can negatively impact your health. Social media is addictive and portrays unrealistic realities.

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